Contoh Artikel Jurnal

1)     Jurnal_01.  On Applied Mathematics by R. Issacs

2)    Jurnal_02.  The Geometri of Optimal Transportasion by Wilfrid Gangbo

3)      Jurnal_03. Essential dimension of central simple algebras by Sanghoon Baek

4)      Jurnal_04. Academic staff’s perceptions of characteristics of learning organization in a higher learning institution by Ali Khamis Ali

5)      Jurnal_05. An exploratory study of gender effect on student presentation evaluations Does gender similarity make a difference by Tulay Girard

6)     Jurnal_06.  Effects of school heads and teachers agreement with the curriculum reform on curriculum development progress and student learning by Alan C.K. Cheung

7)     Jurnal_07.  Impact of information technology in academia by Jayanthi Ranjan


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